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안녕하세요. 미네소타 한인 대학원 학생회 입니다.

올해 2017년 재미 한인 정보과학자 협회에서 Moon-Jung Chung Scholarship Competition 을 위한 application 을 받고 있습니다.  올해 장학금 Competition 은 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 에서 11월 10-11일에 열립니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 내용이나 첨부파일을 참고해 주십시오.


미네소타 한인 대학원 학생회 임원진 드림.


Moon-Jung Chung Scholarship Competition

in conjunction with 18th KOCSEA Technical Symposium

This year’s KOCSEA Technical Symposium will be held during November 10 – 11, 2017 at
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, NV.
As a part of symposium, we host a scholarship competition to recognize outstanding Korean or Korean-American students, studying Computer Science or related areas in the U.S. The scholarship is dedicated to commemorate the late professor, Moon-Jung Chung, who
was one of the KOCSEA founders and did a great service to the organization.  The scholarship recipients are expected to have excelled in academics and demonstrated potential for making significant contributions in their discipline. We are soliciting for posters
that present research projects with significant contributions.

Eligibility for scholarship

  1. Undergraduate or graduate Korean/Korean-American students studying Computer Science and related areas in the U.S.

  2. KOCSEA membership (Students may apply for free KOCSEA membership at the time of scholarship application through

    To participate in the scholarship competition, please send the following application materials and e-mail to
    October 6, 2017.
    The scholarship recipients MUST present the poster during the poster session at the symposium. KOCSEA will provide lodging and meal. The airfare will be partially covered (up to $350) based on the distance of your travel.

    Application Materials

    Please prepare the following materials in PDF files and create a zip file named as “KOCSEA_proposal_Last name_First name.” Please e-mail
    your zip file with “KOCSEA_proposal_Last name_First name_Degree_Your degree year” as the subject line.

    1. KOCSEA scholarship application form <>

    2. A poster proposal on your current research work (50 %)

      1. Page limit: 2 pages (1 inch margins and 12-point font)

      2. Contents: title, subject area, abstract in less than 100 words, significance and relevance of topic, and description of the expected content of the poster

    3. Curriculum vitae (including GPA, work experiences, and extracurricular activities in one or more Korean student organizations, up to 2 pages) (Academic Performance: 25% and Extracurricular
      activities: 10%)

    4. One or more letters of recommendation (15 %)

    Important Dates

    • Application
      Deadline: October 6, 2017

    • Announcement of Awardees (up to 10 students):
      October 13, 2017

    • Award Event:
      November 10, 2017
      at KOCSEA Symposium

    Scholarship Amount

    • $700 for one student (1st Place)

    • $400 for two students (2nd Place)

    • $250 for two students (3rd Place)

    We will invite up to 10 students for the poster session at KOCSEA Symposium. The scholarship
    will be selected in the symposium. 

번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
181 [2017 미네소타 대학원 Thanksgiving party에 여러분을 초대합니다 ] 11/18(토) 18:00, CTC center file 김민수 2017.11.03 537
180 [주시카고 총영사관] 미네소타 순회 영사 업무 10월 28일 토요일 9:30am~2:30pm 김민수 2017.10.06 235
» [2017 Moon-Jung Chung Scholarship Competition] (재미 한인 정보과학자 협회 주최) file 김민수 2017.09.26 289
178 [LG Display 채용면담 / MKGSA 협찬] 9월 19일(화) 10:00am~4:00pm Coffman #323(장소 변경) file 김민수 2017.09.09 270
177 [한국 여자 올림픽 아이스 하키 대표팀 VS U of M 아이스 하키 팀 경기] (9/24(일) 2:07pm Ridder Arena) file 김민수 2017.09.09 1046
176 [삼성전자 DS 부문 채용면담 / MKGSA 협찬] 9/4(Mon) 09:00~14:00 ( 박사과정, 포닥 연구원 대상) 김민수 2017.08.24 455
175 [LG전자 채용면담 / MKGSA 협찬] 9월 19일(화) 1:00pm~5:00pm Coffman #326 file 김민수 2017.08.23 371
174 [대학원생들을 위한 Workshop] 9월 8일(금) 4:30pm Keller hall 3-111 file 김민수 2017.08.14 722
173 [2017 MKGSA 신입생 환영회] 9월 2일(토) 4pm Coffman 3층 President's Room file 김민수 2017.08.14 857
172 2017-18년도 새로운 학생회가 구성되었습니다 [1] 김선모 2017.08.02 718
171 2017 상반기 결산 file 김선모 2017.08.02 368
170 2017~2018년 새로운 미네소타 한인 대학원 학생회를 이끌어갈 운영진을 모집합니다! 김선모 2017.05.28 2091
169 [LG 화학 채용설명회] 5월 26일 (금) 오후 5시 Amundson Hall 158 / Fogo de Chao file 김선모 2017.05.16 762
168 [주시카고 총영사관] 미네소타 순회 영사 업무 5월 20일 토요일 9:00am~1:00pm 김선모 2017.05.04 724
167 [이벤트] 여행 후기 이벤트 김선모 2017.04.12 891
166 영화 [죽여주는 여자] 상영회 4월 6일 목요일 5시 Rapson Hall 100 file 김선모 2017.03.31 915
165 [삼성전자 DS부문 채용면담] 3월 1일(수) 김선모 2017.02.20 1087
164 2016 하반기 결산 file 김선모 2017.02.13 1178
163 [삼성 SDI 채용면담회 / MKGSA 협찬] 2월 17일(금) 2:00~5:00pm Amundson Hall #116 file 김선모 2017.02.03 1247
162 [LG 하우시스 채용면담회 / MKGSA 협찬] 2월 14일(화) 2:00~6:00pm Coffman Union #319 file 김선모 2017.02.03 1271
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